Saturday, March 30, 2013

Action Research Project Update 1

My first action step in my action research project was to survey teachers to elicit feelings regarding current grade level meeting agenda and structure. In all actuality, I should have made my first step about the creation and planning of the survey. My site supervisor and I have met to discuss the items/questions that should be included on the survey and how we should word questions. We have discussed using different rating scales for the items, using open ended response questions and a check list of items on the survey. Creating the survey has taken more time than I had initially expected due to the multitude of options available in creating the survey. I plan to meet with my site supervisor to gain her approval of the survey before I open it up to the teachers. Ultimately, we will use a variety of response options so that the teachers taking the survey are not limited in the way they wish to express their feelings regarding the current grade level meeting agenda and structure. This first step I estimated to be completed at the end of March but will now need to be extended 2 weeks into April due to the unforeseen delay in creating the survey. After creating and implementing the survey, the next item on the agenda is to review the results with my site supervisor. Over the past couple months, I have heard even more complaints from the teachers regarding the agenda items being out of date and the structure of our meetings not leaving time for vertical team planning. I have been able to record most of the complaints and plan to use them in a way that will improve the productivity of our meetings in a way that will benefit all involved. (15 hours total)

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